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Edge of Incursion – Red Carpet Premier at Indie Night Film Festival x Hollywood

by destinee dubose

 Kash Hovey & Ron Robinson in Edge of Incursion

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to join The LA Fashion Magazine at Indie Night Film Festival in

Hollywood for the showcasing of four short films, one of which was Ron Robinson’s “Edge of Incursion”.

“Edge of Incursion” was the shortest film out of the four, which made it particularly stand out. After the

viewing of the film, the host of the night brought Ron Robinson on stage for a quick interview. One of the

questions that Robinson was asked was,


“What was your goal when thinking about how your audience would interpret your film, since it can be taken in so many ways?”

“Edge of Incursion” is definitely a film that makes you use your imagination to try to figure out the true

meaning behind the scenes. Personally, I felt that this concept is what made the film so exciting to watch.

Throughout the entire film, I noticed the strong use of music within each scene. The music within the film

could be used as a sort of guide to predict the level of suspense in each scene. When the music became

louder, I took that as a signal that a high level of action was coming up. In some instances, the music was

almost silent. I took the silence as meaning that this was a part that the audience should really pay

attention to because it was most likely a vital piece to understanding the rest of the film. Something else

that caught my eye throughout the film was the use of imagery throughout each scene. Imagery is a crucial

factor to any film - it's what makes a film interesting and keeps the audience intrigued. Ron Robinson's use of

lighting was especially captivating because it added to the suspense of the film and gave more guidance as far as

the overall plot and genre. Ron Robinson’s “Edge of Incursion” is certainly different from any other. The stars of the

show, including Robinson himself and Kash Hovey, had very minimal lines, so it left the audience to rely on their

imaginations and on the previously mentioned methods such as imagery and lighting to interpret what the message

of the film really was. I especially admired this film because of how much it forced me to think about what was

happening. “Undateable John” is another film by Ron Robinson, starring Kash Hovey, that will be coming soon. We

will have to watch out for it and see if this will be yet another film that will make us think and put our imaginations to

the test.

The LA Fashion Magazine
Kash Hovey, Destinee DuBose & Ron Robinson

                                            This is Whit




















The Latest on the New Indie Film “Undateable John” with Co-star Ron Robinson



       Undateable John is a new hilarious indie film directed by Damien Lichtenstein. Including a great line up of stars like Tom Arnold, Estella Warren, Darryl Hanna and Margaret Cho. With legendary rock star Joan Jett and her partner in crime Kenny Laguna as executive producers. I had the chance to catch up with co-star Ron Robinson who plays Larry, and talked about the film to get all the details.


Whit: You are working with such a great cast. How has it been on set?


Ron: It was great filming we were in Hollywood Hills and we really got to work closely together. It was like we lived together as a family. It was nice.


Whit: Tell me about your character Larry. What’s his role amongst all the craziness?


Ron: Larry is one of John’s many good friends, and a fellow AA member. He has a sexual and alcohol addiction as well, but that's Larry for you ha ha. He’s also trying to help John pick up Jane, which is the girl that he falls for


Whit: Joan Jett is best known for being a rock star. Tell me about the experience of working with Joan the producer/actor, because she has a role in the movie as well right?.


Ron: Yes she does. She plays a Venice beach rocker musician who befriends John and Jane. She was amazing. I was inspired as an artist watching her.


Whit:  What’s your favorite scene in the movie?


Ron: I have a confession during one of our AA meetings, and I speak about my wife and trying to come clean. It was very intense, but I felt like I had to go there with that scene and dig deep.  It was very inspirational to me as an actor


Whit: How much of yourself is inside of your character Larry?


Ron: Larry and I have a similar sense of humor I put a bit of myself in there and didn’t have to act out too much. We both like to have a good time, so it was fun being him.


Whit: Its so cool that Kenny Laguna is also producing this film being that he was also Joans producer back in the day. Between the two of them how much creativity was brought to the set?


Ron: Well I didn’t get the chance to work with Kenny too much, but from the looks of things he and Joan are still an amazing team. I can say that John Philbin is awesome. He’s going to really surprise people. Tom Arnold did one hell of a performance. He was like our AA team leader. It was one of those rare experience


Whit: What do you think is the one thing that viewers should take away from this movie?


Ron: I think its going to help people with everyday life problems. We all were inspired to do this movie because it all deals with our struggles whether its addiction or not. We all have stuff going on in our lives.  That's enough to inspire anybody. 

Whit: On a scale of 1-10 how much fun did you have making this film?


Ron: 100% 10 I was showing up to work early and leaving late after wrap. I couldn’t wait to go to work the next day. I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved every moment. I was actually hoping that they wrote something  else in there for me ha .  but i just loved it .


Whit: So do you have a release date for us?

               Ron: They are working on finishing up a few more things, but it should be hitting screens in Fall of 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 








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